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Most Liked Food in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of approximately 200 Million people. Pakistani people especially from Punjab province show their true love towards food. Every province of Pakistan has their special & traditional food which reflects the cultural aspect of each region of the country. Now take a look on food list which is liked by majority of Pakistan:

Most Liked Food for Breakfast
Halwa Puri:

Halwa Puri is the most liked breakfast of every Pakistani. People don’t eat Halwa Puri on daily basis due to healthy concerns, but on Weekends mostly Pakistanies are attracted towards halwa puri. This food is originated in Punjab province, but it is famous all over Pakistan.

Most Liked Food for Lunch & Dinner
People of Pakistan simply Love eating food. Few like rice; few are attracted towards Roti, but majority like both Roti and Rice. Now take a look on Most like Food:


The feast of Pakistanies is incomplete without biryani. People are totally fanatical towards biryani. You will find biryani in almost every event; Marriage, Valima or Small gathering (Dawat). Biryani is basically a south Indian dish, but the love of Pakistanies towards biryani is totally crazy. 

Korma & Nihrai

Korma and Nihari are liked by people from all over Pakistan. Meat is involved in preparing both the dishes. Pakistanies enjoy eating them on special occasion; Eid, Marriage, Valima and Family gatherings. 


Kabab is considered as a snack food for majority of Pakistanies, but it’s kind of a special add-on of Pakistani food table. A variety of Kabab’s are liked by Pakistanies; Tikah Kabab, Shami Kabab, Seekh Kabab, Chapli Kabab, Allu Kabab, Gola Kabab and many more.

Other Food items liked by Pakistanies:
  • Tikkah
  • Sajii
  • Daal/Chawal
  • Sabzi

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