Monday, 9 February 2015

Pakistani Fan Reply on Indian Ad #WeWontGiveItBack

Pakistani Fan Response

Indian channel Star Sports created an ad where they are praising the India team 100% winning ratio against Pakistan in World Cups. This ad is a great marketing stunt and everyone is talking about the ad. As a marketing manager this is a great success moment. If you are on the receiving end your will definitely face the heat.

One of Pakistani fan has made a reply video for this marketing campaign. In this video, he has is reminding star sports about Javed Miadad and Afridi historic sixes. The video also reminds that Pakistan has a overall 58% winning ratio against India. All fans are pumped-up for the “Mother of all matches”. 

Indian Ad

Indian Channel Star Sports launched a campaign on their World Cup success by hurting the sentiments of Pakistani fans. The lyrics are like “Moqa Moqa” which nearly sound “Ponka Ponka”. Pakistani fan have made a video as a response to the ad campaign.


  1. Replies
    1. its about world cup people not any serires or any other match

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