Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pakistan to play all Important game on Sunday

Pakistan will play the last and most important match of their group on Sunday, 15th March. The winning team will 100% qualify for the Quater-Final.

Currently, Pakistan is on 3rd, Ireland on 4th and West Indies on 5th Spot. West Indies have to play with UAE in their last game. If West Indies wins the last game their aggregate points will be 6.

Conditions For Pool B Qualifiers

  • As per ICC rules, if three teams have same points in one Pool then the teams with better Run Rate will qualify.
  • If two teams have same points & same Run Rate after all the matches and they are fighting for next round. In this scenario, teams will not qualify on Run-Rate basis. The result of pool match between two fighting teams will decide the qualifying team. Example: If Pakistan and West Indies have 6 points each after all the matches and the 3 teams from their pool have already qualified then the result of Pakistan vs West Indies match will be taken under consideration. Pakistan lost against West Indies which means Pakistan will be disqualified if they and West Indies have same points and all other teams have qualified.
  • If Ireland beats Pakistan then Ireland will 100% qualify for Quater-Finals. 
  • If Pakistan beats Ireland then Pakistan will 100% qualify for Quater-Finals.
  • If Zimbabwe beats West Indies then they WI will be knocked out from the tournament.

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