Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bol comes up with one-selfie, amazing prizes offer! #1BOLSelfie

That Bol has catapulted the entire media scene in Pakistan in record time of 4 months is no hyperbole. And an impartial viewer of TV will testify to this. On the one hand, the media group has upped the lifestyle of those associated with Pakistan’s fraught media industry by offering them unthinkable facilities and perks, on the other, it has given other media channels a tough time by offering concept-rich and unique shows and offerings.
In this context, Bol has come up with a unique concept of its brand promotion which is likely to take Pakistan’s leading channel to the height of popularity and success. The channel gives anyone a chance to win expensive prizes — a brand new car, a mobile phone, gold, and, above all, a dream house — by just taking their selfie with one of their favorite programs. Unlike other channels that fool the gullible public by promising them gifts that they never get, Bol is genuinely offering anyone a chance to win amazing prizes by taking just one selfie and send it to the channel’s WhatsApp number, Twitter, or Facebook. No doubt, a great opportunity to win a slew of prizes with no strings attached. Surely, for a neutral observer with no bias against any media group, this is an offer that will resonate deeply with the general public, allowing them to come by prizes by virtue of just one selfie! 


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  2. Bol comes up with one-selfie, amazing prizes offer! #1BOLSelfie, every Bol film fan will love to avail this opportunity for sure. Thanks for uploading!


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